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My 5 Favorite Fitness Websites (Free!)

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

The quarantine forced us all to experience shifts in our workout routine when COVID-19 swept the world and every gym closed. Many of us found creative ways to exercise, and gyms offered Zoom/FaceTime/Facebook live workouts for the public. Private fitness centers sent out emails with workouts and tutorials, and many of us found influencers with free posted workouts.

I've rounded up some of my favorite fitness websites and added descriptions so you can see what might be the best fit for your goals. Click on each person or company to visit their websites and social media platforms for workouts and inspiration.

For the HITT Enthusiast:

I stumbled upon Bender Fitness year ago when looking for quick HITT workouts I could do while travelling. Melissa Bender, Occupational Therapist and Yoga Instructor, records workouts that are typically 10 - 30 minutes long. Use the search bar to look for targeted muscle group workouts or low-impact exercises. She pushes herself hard in the videos, which gives me inspiration and validation while trying to keep up! She keeps it authentic and simple, and her tagline is "Fitness should be free". I highly recommend checking out her website.

For the Workout Split Queen:

I found Kelly Yager (ACT, CPT) during quarantine while looking for a rotating weight lifting regimen I could do nearly every day. Workouts are broken down into muscle groups - she circulates chest/triceps, glutes/hamstrings, quads, back/biceps, and full body. Budget 20 - 45 minutes for each workout. She also provides a short tutorial on her instagram with each exercise, which is very helpful. You can choose to buy her very affordable 8 - 12 week training program, with 4-5 day workout splits and home or gym workout options.

For the Cross Fitter:

Lauren, GrownStrong founder and member of the 3rd fittest team in the world, is a down to earth Cross Fit extraordinaire. She provides free workouts on her Instagram (ranging from body weight or dumbbell exercises to swimming workouts), with the option to purchase a training program on her website. She has a genuine and kind disposition about her that no doubt attributes to her many followers.

For the Home Workout Fan:

Mom and influencer Shonda built this website to share her weight loss journey. She's killin' it! This platform is very friendly for home workouts and often utilizes body weight for exercises. Search on her instagram or YouTube for workouts, or browse for inspiration.

For the Happy Yogi:

Adriene started her business by posting free yoga workouts on Wednesdays. She eventually gained massive amounts of followers due to her light-hearted and practical teaching style. Most of her videos are 20 - 40 minutes long, making them easy to squeeze into a busy lifestyle. She often creates month-long free programs to follow, and has over 500 videos on her website. Watch for a cameo of her cute pup Benji in her YouTube videos!

Honorable Mentions:

thephysiofix: Sports Physical Therapist Dr. Stacey Morris creates physical therapy style exercises to rehab or strengthen specific muscle groups. Visit her website or instagram.

DESBFITTRAINING: Des provides free workouts on her website and instagram, ranging from a free workout for the day to a 12 week training program that includes nutrition and online coaching.

SculptWomen'sGuide: This Instagram account is a compilation of other platform's workouts, so there's lots to choose from. Most are home workout friendly, and typically 20 - 30 minutes long.

What are your favorite websites with free workouts? I would love to find out!

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