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About the Happy Artichoke

Welcome to the Happy Artichoke, where you'll find stories from the heart (if you've ever eaten an artichoke, you know the heart is the best part!). I hope you'll become a part of this community and that we can share ideas and experiences. 

My name is Rachel. I enjoy spending time with my family, cooking, exercising, and exploring new cities. My family recently moved to Paris, France and you'll find content here about experiencing healthcare from a different perspective

I am passionate about the nursing profession. 

I earned my doctorate in nursing and hope to build a legacy that supports nurse resiliency and prevents burnout (read more here!)

I've been slowly making small changes that improve my health for a long time. This fueled my decision to become a nurse. I specialize in using evidence to improve practices. I use the same processes to improve my life and I hope to share them with you.

My goal is to give you high quality content that will spark creativity and cultivate a culture of health and positivity. 

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