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Dear Paris (A Love Letter)

The boulangerie worker recognizes me

Ça va?” he says, and I agree

“Oui, ça va! Merci, et vous ? ”

He smiles and continues getting other customers through

The Paris streets are spotted with rain

The puddles try to clean the streets in vain

My espresso is decadent, rich and bold

My croissant flakes a buttery gold

I look down and can’t help but to see

My very large, very pregnant belly

Baby senses my attention and begins to dance

Nine months pregnant, living in France

We’re so grateful to be living here

With healthcare is high quality and free

Not worrying if we can afford health care bills

Provides us with great relief

Two babies in two years!

We’ve surely learned a lot

We’re thankful for affordable childcare

Which is based on income (duh, why not?!)

We love our trips to the museums

We play on playgrounds and at parks

When we view beautiful old buildings

Our imagination sparks

I get to the stairs of the metro

“Excusez-moi, pouvez-vous m'aider?”

I ask a Parisian for help with the stroller

And quickly I’m on my way

Their known for their coldness, true

But it’s not something I’ve endured

They’ve always come through when I’ve needed help

For this, I’ve become assured

Dreams of staying here forever

Flicker through our minds, no doubt

The unique and special parts of Europe

Each carry their own clout

Travel, history, art, and language

Are all special on their own

But add in socialized healthcare and a safe education

And it’s easy to think here could be home

There’s no way to replace family

And we miss our dear friends more each year

If we could have our cake and eat it too

We’d scoop them up and bring them all here!

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